EASA draft proposals updates

By | March 26, 2018

Hi All

If you have read the latest (April 2018) issue of the BMFA magazine you will have noticed, on page 50, a summary of the latest EASA draft proposals for the regulation of unmanned aircraft.UAS.SPEC.055 Responsibilities of model clubs and associations.
Contained in there is a possibility that clubs will be able to operate within the “specific” category. but this does impose certain responsilbilities upon the club which are outlined in .UAS.SPEC.055 Responsibilities of model clubs and associations.
as follows:
“Model clubs and associations that hold an operational authorisation defined in Article 6 of this Regulation shall:
• make available to their registered members appropriate procedures to comply with the conditions and limitations defined in the operational authorisation issued by the competent authority;
• assist UAS remote pilots, who are registered members of the club or association, in achieving the minimum competency required to operate the UAS safely in accordance with the procedures defined in paragraph 1;

• take appropriate action when informed that a registered member does not comply with the conditions and limitations defined in the operational authorisation and, if necessary, inform the competent authority;

• provide, upon request from the competent authority, the documentation required for oversight and monitoring purposes.”
The article also points out that some form of test will be required to prove competency (whether or not a member of a club) and, although we don’t know what form that will ultimately take, it would seem reasonable to assume that the current BMFA  “A” certificate is likely to go some ,if not all, of the way to satisfying that requirement.
If you are one of our members who are not an “A” certificate holder then your committee would recommend, indeed urge, that you seriously consider taking advantage of your club instructors and examiners to obtain the relevant certificate before they are overwhelmed by demand when the requirement becomes law.
 Maurice Harney is our Club Examiner and Training Co-ordinator. He  will be able to arrange a test for you or allocate an instructor to you should you need one.
These regulations will have a significant effect on our hobby and the way we operate, it is not something we can ignore, and they    certainly will not go away, so please take the appropriate action sooner rather than later .