Pilot of the Year competition 2017

By | April 24, 2017

Herewith the first three set of dates for your diary of our fun Pilot of the Year competition:

Deadstick landing                Saturday 6th May and Wednesday 10th May.
Roll and Limbo                      Wednesday 7th June and Saturday 10th June.
Bomb Drop                            Saturday 8th July and Wednesday 12th July.

The whole concept is that you get a choice of a Wednesday or a Saturday in which to compete in each round and all individual points scored will be added up throughout the year to eventually determine who is awarded the coveted title of Pilot of the Year 2017. Total rounds throughout the year could be as many as five but as all are weather dependant it may well end up as less.

All of the competition rules and points scoring system can be found on our website but a full explanation will be given on the day. Saturdays competitions commence at 1400hrs with Wednesdays at 1700 hrs.

For those of you who are newer members and have not attended one of our competitions, these are very much light hearted events and are carried out in a relaxed atmosphere.


Martin Wilson