Nadmas events Updates

By | July 23, 2018

Hi Everyone

Nadmas Fun Competition for Pilot of the year.

This is the third round of this year’s competition and this time its Bomb drop. You have two opportunities in which to compete the first being this coming Saturday 28th July from 1400 hrs and if you are unable to make that then the competition will be run again the following Wednesday 1st August from 1600hrs.

This discipline requires a single bomb, of no more than two ounces, and a release system to be attached to your plane and after flying a circuit the bomb should be released from between a height of 10 and 25 feet over a target area which will be marked out on the runway. Each contestant will take part in two rounds of the competition, the scores are then  totalled and competition points awarded. A full version of the rules can be found on our website and these rules will be explained on the day.

I have attached a spreadsheet showing the competition points after the two rounds completed so far. As is described in the title it is a fun competition although the flying element is taken extremely seriously, there are always many laughs shared on the way. If you are not sure whether it is for you why not drop by and see what goes on.


Nadmas Natter Night

This is to be held on Tuesday 7th August at The Spotted Dog, Gladstone Lane, Cold Ash from 19.30 hrs. Just a reminder that the venue have a wide selection of reasonably priced meals should you require sustenance.



Nadmas Events Coordinator