Track Update

By | February 20, 2016

On behalf of Graham Castle

I walked up the track to the site on Tuesday and if you didn’t mind
getting your car muddy in my opinion the track was navigable at a slow
steady speed.

If anyone is thinking of going up in the next few days I suggest you
park in the farm and walk up part of the track to see if you are happy
taking the car up.

If you do go up PLEASE KEEP to the 5 MPH SPEED LIMIT

When turn in to the site The whole site entrance up as far as the pits
is still very wet with standing water so PLEASE KEEP ANY TURNING
MANOEUVRES to a SLOW SPEED to conserve the grass.

All other areas are good. The runway grass is a little long for small
low power A/C and all areas OK for helicopters/multi-copters.