To all model pilots please read-Threat to Model Flying from European Regulation

By | October 4, 2016

Hi All
I expect you are aware of the proposed new regulations that will wipe out (or make extremely difficult) both hobby and commercial model flying if enacted.

This video-” EASA’s ‘Prototype’ Commission Regulation on Unmanned Aircraft Operations”
can be found on Vimeo

or on uTUbe  Drones to be limited to 50m height by EASA Prototype Commission

and goes some way to simplify and summarise the 72 page “prototype document” as published.

There has been an article in the BMFA news this month and the link to the relevant bulletin from the BMFA web :

Although obviously drafted with multirotors very much in mind  EASA make no distinction between multirotors and fixed wing models and to enable the measures to be implemented are requiring that all models be factory produced (except those weighing less than 250grms).

The altitude (50mtrs) and distance (100mtrs) limitations imposed may be sensible for small palm sized multi rotors and may be within the capability of a slightly but (not much) larger multirotor but in my opinion are not appropriate for anything much bigger or any model that cannot achieve hovering flight.

I, for one, cannot see myself capable of flying a 1.20 size i/c powered, fixed wing ,model weighing say 5.5kgs ,within a distance of 100mtrs from me and a height limit of 50 mtrs. and I certainly do not think it can be done safely.

The proposed regulations will require that all model pilots are registered with a”  Responsible Body “and that in many cases a risk assessment
will have to be approved by that body  before any operation to take place. There will also be a minimum age limit of 14years.

If you feel you wish to make representation to EASA on this matter it must be done before mid October 2016 and can be done at the  mailbox


Emailed to the nadmas membership by Rob Jepson club secretary.


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  1. webmaster Post author

    Europe Air Sports and the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale have issued a joint update on the latest position with EASA’s Prototype Rules for Unmanned Aircraft which you can view here: EAS & FAI update

  2. webmaster Post author

    Here is a reply from Easa; it looks like a model club that operates under strict safety practices will be safe.

    Thank you for expressing interest in the UAS Prototype Rule.
    As it was specified in our web page, due to the amount of emails we are receiving, we cannot provide an individual answer. We are anyway developing this rule in collaboration with industry, European aviation authorities and association (remote pilots, operators, model etc) in order to find the right balance.
    We had and we are still having intensive discussions on the inclusion of model aircraft in our regulatory proposal, and how to differentiate between a model aircraft and a drone operator flying for leisure. The racing drones could follow under model for the purpose of the prototype regulation.
    We are trying to give as much flexibility as we can.
    With regard to your query I would like to refer you for example to Article 15 of the UAS draft proposal (Prototype Rule, for your convenience I report it below). It gives the possibility to the national competent authority to issue an authorisation to model clubs identifying deviations from the European rule, no further risk assessment is required. In this way we are allowing the model clubs to operate as they do today giving maximum freedom. So if you fly within the remit of a club recognized by your national authority, you do not need to comply with the European rule since we know that a model club already imposes rules providing a sufficient level of safety. Therefore I expect that not much will change for people flying under model clubs rules and no modification could be required to their aircraft.

    Regarding model aircraft and drone racing we are meeting with model associations, including BMFA, FAI and other national clubs and with their help we will improve the draft text further, if needed.

    As you may know we keep aviation safety as high priority and we hope this draft regulation allows the UAS market to develop safely in Europe, without negatively impacting other categories such as the model hobbyist. The purpose of publishing the “prototype” version of the regulatory proposal, while we are still working on it, was exactly to receive comments from all interested stakeholders.
    So thank you for sharing your thoughts and I hope my answer helped to show that we do not intend to impede on model flights.

    Article 15
    Transitional provisions
    For recreational operations of UA, such as leisure flights, air displays, sport or competition activities, conducted in the frame of associations or clubs with proven satisfactory safety records and performed under national systems before this Regulation enters into force, the following transitional provisions shall apply:
    1. By [3 years after entry into force of this Regulation — estimate 2020], the competent authority shall issue operational authorisations to associations or clubs for the operations which would otherwise require an authorisation according to Subpart B of Annex I to this Regulation.
    2. An operational authorisation can be issued without the need to conduct the operational risk assessment referred to in UAS.SPEC.60.
    3. Operational authorisations issued under this Article shall define the conditions, limitations and deviations from the requirements of Subpart B of Annex I to this Regulation.

    Best regards,

    Natale Di Rubbo
    Regulation officer – Initial Airworthiness
    European Aviation Safety Agency