Club Secretary Vacancy

By | August 14, 2018
Hi All Members.
I am sending you this e-mail now to let you know that I will be vacating my post as Club Secretary and standing down from any committee position as at the next AGM on November 21st 2018 and to give you ample time to consider whether you would like to be nominated for election to the position .
The Club Secretary is one of four elected officers of the committee and is responsible under the terms of the club constitution for calling ten monthly committee meetings and one Annual General Meeting.
He is required to record the minutes of the meetings, have them agreed and circulate them to the committee and in the case of the AGM, to all the members .
The Club Secretary conducts the meetings in the absence of the Chairman.
He is the Guardian of the Constitution and ensures that all meetings, elections and other club business are conducted in accordance with it .
Other duties and responsibilities will be as arranged and agreed with the committee but have in the past included :-
Communicating to the membership any committee decision affecting them .
Reviewing and updating the club rule book, as and when necessary but at least annually, and with the committee’s approval liaising with the Webmaster to have it published on the Website .
Liaising with BMFA upon whatever the committee may need advice .
Relaying to the members, BMFA Club bulletins and other BMFA notifications .
Liaising and communicating as necessary with our landlord, the local council, the bridleways commission, and the public .
Ensuring compliance with General Data Protection Regulations .
In addition, as with all committee members,he will undertake other duties and supporting roles, such as, but not exclusively,
runway mowing and maintenance,track repairs,assist in the running of competitions, acting as safety officer in the absence of the appointed officer .
As you can see this is a varied and fulfilling role which I will be happy to discuss with you if you require any further detail .
Should you wish to be nominated for election you should let myself or the Chairman know and we will provide the necessary form in good time for the AGM .
Rob Jepson